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Solo Pricing

Gift Prints

14" $90

8" or 10" $35

7" or less $25

8 Wallets $20


Digital Images

1 High Res Digital Image $30

10 or More High Res Digitail Images $25 each





Print Pricing



Jack & Jill


Twelve Credits

Five Digital Images

Digital Slideshow

40% off Wall Portraits



Hey Diddle



Eight Credits

Two Digital Images

Digital Slideshow

30% off Wall Portrait












Humpty Dumpty


Eight Credits

Three or Four Image Collage

Digital Slideshow

25 % off Wall Portrait


Hickory Dickory

Six Credits

20% off Wall Portrait



11X14 - Two Credits,   8X10 - One Credit

Two 5X7's - One Credit,   Eight Wallets - One Credit

Star Light

Three Credits

15% off Wall Portrait





Five Little Monkies

Three Poses

Three 8X10 Prints

Six 5X7 Prints

Twenty-Four Wallets



Little Bo Peep

Two Poses

Two 8X10 Prints

Four 5X7 Prints

Sixteen Wallets



Hush Little Baby

One Pose

One 8X10 Print

Two 5X7 Prints

Eight Wallets














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